Ways to Winterize Your Home

Even though Mother Nature is still a little all over the place in the way of weather, now is the perfect time for you to take steps to protect your greatest investment.  By taking the necessary steps, you can be rest assured that your home will survive the cold winter months. There are things to be done both inside and outside of the home. However let’s separate the two types. First here are the outside tips:

  • Make sure you unhook any water hoses and shut off water to hose bibs.

  • Fill in any cracks in your foundation to conserve energy.

  • Have chimney inspected & cleaned, if needed, before using it.

  • Clean gutters.

  • Inspect any tree branches over roof or power-lines and trim as needed so snow and ice doesn’t cause it to come down on your home.

Now let’s go over tips for the inside of your home:

  • Cover any exposed metal pipes from subzero temps by placing foam insulation around them.

  • Use foam insulators behind light switches & electrical outlets

  • Seal gaps around doors and windows to keep cold air out. You many want to use a door sweep as well.

  • Use an insulation blanket on your hot water heater to help prevent energy waste.

  • Make sure your ceiling fans are going counter-clockwise in order to push heat back down.

  • Consider adding a smart thermostat to set temperatures to be warmer when home and cooler when you are not, which allows you to save on heating cost and you can set it and forget it.

  • Change furnace filters frequently in order to not impede air flow.

  • Consider having an energy audit done on your home by a professional to find things that you may not have thought of to help reduce your energy use.

  • If you haven’t done so recently, please change the batteries in your smoke detectors.  This is extra important with all the extra lights that might be on in your home this season.

These tips shouldn’t take too long and you might not need to do them all in your house. However, your home is your biggest investment and it can be very expensive if we don’t protect it, so be sure to find time to take the necessary steps to prevent damage and make some tweaks to save money on your energy cost.